White Tiger Yoga

My name is David Wicker and I Guarantee that my White Tiger Yoga DVDs will be the most fun, effective and sustainable Yoga program you've ever done. If you're new to Yoga then start with the Simplified Yoga and Tai Chi Secrets DVD (Tropical Stretch and Energizer). If you've fairly yoga fit or have done yoga before then you will enjoy the Yoga in Paradise DVD and the Island Yogarobics DVD which are intermediate levels of White tiger Yoga.

White Tiger Yoga works like this

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As you can see what makes White Tiger Yoga classes so unique is that it combines fluid movements from White Tiger Kung Fu (similar to Tai Chi) with Traditional Yoga postures making it the perfect yoga blend. The Tai Chi like movements give you grace, power, balance, left/right brain co-ordination, and muscle tone. The Yoga series then empowers you with relaxation, flexibility, range of motion, and stress release.

This is why White Tiger Yoga practice is the best exercise and fitness yoga program for many sports related activities. White Tiger Yoga is considered the yoga for golf, yoga for tennis, yoga for weight lifting, yoga for swimming, yoga for baseball, yoga for runners, yoga for kids, plus yoga for daily life, and although we don't officially advertise it as yoga for sex it does provide the health benefits of increased sexual performance and responsiveness making White Tiger Yoga the best yoga for men and the best yoga for women, and yoga for couples.

People with asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back-pain, and headaches have completed this program and stayed with it for years and even seniors and overweight people find this to be the most sustainable fitness yoga exercise they've ever done. This is because White Tiger Yoga is easy on the joints and the yoga poses do not put strain on the wrists, knees and lower back the way other yoga styles do such as Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Astanga yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yogafit, or Iyengar yoga. White Tiger Yoga has also been know to positively affect medical conditions such as hypertension, sleep problems, high cortisol levels, random aches and pains, allergy and asthma symptoms, high blood pressure, smoking addiction, rapid heart rate, lack of direction, confusion, anxiety, muscle tension, weakness, fatigue, premature aging, and sexual dysfunction. Many doctors actually prescribe Yoga or Tai Chi practice as therapy to remedy to such a diagnosis. Although this wellness practice is considered alternative medicine by the public at large it has been practiced for thousands of years and is currently enjoyed by tens of millions of people world wide.

We have three White Tiger Yoga DVDs for you to get started. Each one is a clear and concise easy to follow routine filmed in beautiful Hawaii with the founder of the program David Wicker. The first DVD is called Simplified Yoga and Tai Chi Secrets (Tropical Stretch and Energizer) which is the perfect 30 minute introduction to White Tiger Yoga for people just beginning yoga, seniors, or people with joint issues. Order Now.

The intermediate White Tiger Yoga DVD is Yoga in Paradise which reveals powerful secrets of White Tiger Yoga. With this 45-minute DVD you will eliminate stress from every cell of your entire body; stretching and releasing tension from your arms, legs, and back so you will emerge with a beautifully lean and toned appearance. This DVD is a must for anyone seeking the many health benefits of yoga. Order Now

The third DVD is White Tiger Yogarobics; White Tiger Yoga with an aerobic twist for Weight Loss and Muscle Tone. Here you will move aerobically in large fluid movements from the Chinese martial arts like faster Tai Chi, to achieve incredible balance, toned muscles, and inner calm. This gentle program is low impact on the body while burning fat and concludes with wonderful White Tiger Yoga postures to transform your body into a very pleasing shape! You will receive 40-minutes of soft-style martial art movements from Tai Chi followed by 20-minutes of yoga. Order Now.

We also offer White Tiger Yoga Teacher Training Retreats and White Tiger Yoga Teacher Training Certification programs so anyone interested in a Yoga Job or Yoga employment as a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Coach can contact us to find out how to teach yoga and other wellness classes at resorts in Hawaii, California and other beautiful resort locations across the country. Many yoga students read yoga journal, yoga magazine, and other yoga publications and dream of becoming teachers. Maybe it's your time to do it. Contact us.

David Wicker is a licensed and certified personal trainer. He’s been endorsed by doctors, surgeons, therapists, and sports trainers. David has instructed over a quarter million students and created Wellness Centers for resorts across Hawaii, California and Arizona. He is the founder of White Tiger Yoga and producer of the best selling White Tiger Wellness DVDs.