Healthy Weight Loss, Leg, Stomach and Butt Toning

My name is David Wicker and I am going to reveal a very effective and rapid method for you to tone muscle and reach your ideal weight by introducing you to my popular White Tiger Yogarobics DVD.

The methods I teach include proper diet, aerobic exercise at the proper intensity and duration, and using anaerobic exercise to build muscle and thereby burn calories throughout the day to lose weight and tone muscle. By following these three simple wellness techniques you will reach your ideal weight and tone muscle plus receive more energy, flexibility, and overall health. You will receive these benefits with my White Tiger Yogarobics DVD.

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Aerobic exercise involves using the major muscles of the body, usually the muscles of the legs and rear in constant motion for at least 30 minutes. Aerobic exercise examples include jogging, swimming, biking, running, water fitness and White Tiger Yogarobics. The secret to burning the maximum number of calories is to exercise at the proper intensity and duration. If you don't train hard enough then you aren't burning enough calories per minute and if you train too hard then your body reaches fatigue and you can no longer continue - so you still don't burn enough calories - and thus you Fail to Reach your Ideal Weight and Tone Muscle! So finding the perfect exercise intensity is critical.

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The easy way to find the proper intensity level for aerobic exercise is to use the "talk test" where you exercise at the highest intensity possible without gasping for air. If you are gasping for air then you need to lessen the intensity. If you train at the edge of not being able to talk while exercising but can still keep up a conversation then you're at the ideal aerobic intensity level for weight loss and muscle tone. What's great about the White Tiger Yogarobics DVD is that it insures that will you will achieve the perfect intensity level to burn the maximum number of calories without damaging your joints. Many aerobic exercises like jogging, etc. are hard on the ankles, knees and lower back which is why the White Tiger Yogarobics DVD and White Tiger Water Fitness Workout are excellent exercise choices.

Anaerobic exercise involves quick bursts of energy for exercises such as weight lifting, sprinting, jumping, etc. What's great about anaerobic exercise is that it can build muscle. Building muscle is great in and of itself but having muscle also burns calories 24 hours a day. When you build muscle then you become a calorie burning machine. You will burn more calories per minute just because you have muscle. You can even burn more calories while you sleep. By following the White Tiger Yogarobics DVD you will tone the muscles in your biggest muscle groups such as the legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, calves) and the rear (Gleutueus maximus, gluetes medius, etc ) which will burn calories thereby lowering your overall body fat percentage which will strip the fat from your entire body including your midsection!

The White Tiger Yogarobics DVD (and White Tiger Water Fitness) not only builds muscle anaerobically but burns additional calories aerobically as well! It's easy on the joints and will tone you legs, stomach and butt plus develop balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and overall energy. Plus it's fun and filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii. Want Results? Then Order Now!

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David Wicker is a licensed and certified personal trainer. He’s been endorsed by doctors, surgeons, therapists, and sports trainers. David has instructed over a quarter million students and created Wellness Centers for resorts across Hawaii, California and Arizona. He is the founder of White Tiger Yoga and producer of the best selling White Tiger Wellness DVDs.